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We here at G. L. Nause Company are experienced with most welding, assembly or fabrication need you may have. The "versatility" within our company has given us the opportunity to provide services and products for the Industrial, Commercial and Agricultural Markets for many years.

G. L. Nause Company has certified welding procedures and welders for AWS using FCAW, GMAW, SMAW and GTAW welding processes.

Our certifications and quality control are surrounded by The American Welding Society and The American Institute of Steel Construction. We invite you to visit the following links to explore their websites:

American Welding Society -
American Institute of Steel Construction, Inc. -



We have been able to provide a service to the Industrial Market for many years.


From the most simple project to the most complex, stretching from the east to west coast and in between.


Quality, “Built to Use, Built to Last”... Buy ’em Once, Buy ’em For Life!