Our Statement of Policy and Authority


It is the goal of G. L. Nause Company to fabricate various metal structures of most materials and sizes to meet the demands of the Agricultural, Commercial and Industrial markets. To provide specific metal finishes as required by specifications and to insure that quality control and assurance is established and followed.

From design, to purchasing of materials, to all stages of fabrication for accuracy of dimension and proper weld application, to finish preparations and application, to the shipment of our products and services to the customer in a safe and timely fashion, “quality” shall be our foremost concern.

This policy and authority are to be well understood by all employees of the company, so that everyone understands that our products and services actually do satisfy requirements and customer expectations. It is the intent of this policy to prevent problems rather than dependence on detection after occurrence.

All management personnel hold responsibility for this policy and will be kept abreast of current requirements and changes. Training will be utilized to inform all employees of these requirements and changes. A continuing program of inspection is to be carried out daily by all employees to assure compliance. It is encouraged that all employees be alert of a possible noncompliance of these standards and if found, report them to the Quality Control Manager at once.

Management fully supports this Quality Control System and the Quality Control Manager has the authority and responsibility to implement this program. He has the freedom to identify quality control problems and to initiate, recommend and provide solutions. Any problems that cannot be resolved where customer specifications and the A.I.S.C. Manual of Steel Construction, ANSI/AWS or ASME Codes are in conflict, A.I.S.C. Manual of Steel Construction, ANSI/AWS or ASME Codes shall prevail. All controls and procedures described by this policy and authority for fabrication shall also apply to all repairs and alterations.

Gregory L. Nause